May 26, 2020

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Belle Meade Plantation

Built in 1853, the "Queen of Tennessee Plantations" was the crowning jewel of a 5,000+ acre plantation that was also the site of one of the finest thoroughbred breeding farms in the country.

Website for Belle Meade Plantation


Belmont Mansion

This 1850s Italian-style villa, on the Campus of Belmont University, was built by one of the wealthiest women in the Untied States in pre-Civil War times and was the center of Nashville's social life for nearly half a century.

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Carnton Plantation

This Plantation is located near the site of the bloody Civil War Battle of Franklin on November 30, 1864. After the battle the mansion housed Confederate casualties, including four generals. Adjoining the property is the largest private Confederate cemetery in the nation, a National Historic landmark and final resting place of the Confederates killed during the battle.

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Fort Nashborough

This reconstruction of the original settlement of Nashville is authentic in many details, reflecting the lifestyle of frontier pioneers in the late 1700s. It was here on Christmas Day 1779 that James Robertson and his group of North Carolinians crossed the Cumberland River and founded Nashville.

Website for Fort Mashborough


Governor's Residence

Built as a private home from 1929-31, this 26-room mansion was sold to the state in 1948 as the official residence of the state's "first family." The two-story brick and stone Georgian mansion stands amidst 10 acres of beautifully landscaped surroundings.

Website for Govornor's Mansion


The Hermitage

The Greek Revival home of Andrew Jackson, the seventh president of the United States, is unique in that it is furnished almost entirely with articles used by President Jackson and his family. The quaint kitchen with its open fireplace, the carriage used while in Washington and the family burial site may be seen on the grounds.

Website for The Hermitage



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